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What Sets Successful CEOs Apart?

Jack Craven
October 14, 2017

An article titled, “What sets successful CEOs apart” is in the current issue of Harvard Business Review (HBR), Here’s a distillation of  four key points:

  1. Decide with speed and conviction.  The best leaders make decisions earlier, faster and with greater conviction. Decisive leaders were 12 times more likely to be high performing CEOs! Remember that it’s better to be decisive than wait for all of the information.
  2. Understand the company's needs, when get people on board and engaged by aligning them around the goal of value creation.
  3. Adapt proactively
  4. Deliver reliably

Are you waiting too long to make your decision?

Jack Craven
Jack Craven is an executive coach to business leaders, and the teams and companies they lead.

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