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You are Invited to the “Taste of Conscious Leadership” Workshop in Chicago!

Jack Craven
December 3, 2018

Some people are born natural leaders with an instinctive ability to guide, inspire and collaborate. Not all of us feel we are natural leaders. Learning to lead and cultivate a dynamic workplace culture usually requires conscious practice and a variety of tools. As long as we have the desire to learn and grow – we can become better, more effective and inspiring leaders.

Inspiring leaders energize their team members, and subsequently, they are more impactful and work better together as a whole.

Is your team achieving your desired results? Do you blame them for not taking initiative, underperformance, or an inability to complete projects in a timely fashion? Instead of passing the blame, it’s time to take ownership of your team’s successes and failures. While accepting this responsibility can seem daunting, it’s the first step toward building an empowered and focused team.

The manner in which you react to any situation or stressor is always a choice. There are tools that can help you transform your leadership style, professionally and personally!

The 15 Commitments

The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership is a radical approach to organizational leadership. It aims to minimize drama in the workplace and improve culture and satisfaction. The 15 Commitments opened my eyes to my blindspots and struggles within my own style of leadership. After studying with Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman for six years, I now teach these principles to executives and teams looking to create lasting shifts in their leadership and workplace culture – practical tools that work in any situation.

Want a Taste?

In the "A Taste of Conscious Leadership" workshop, We take a look at key concepts of The 15 Commitments and how they can serve you in building integrity, trust and fulfillment in your workplace culture and personal life.

Here are a few of the things you will explore throughout the afternoon workshop: 

  • The 15 Commitments. The commitments outline behaviors and beliefs that can significantly impair team and leadership harmony.
  • Context vs. Content. Understanding context is the key to a drama-free office.
  • Leading from Trust Vs. Fear. This distinction is at the heart of repeating drama patterns in organizations. Understanding this model immediately shifts the effectiveness of conversations both team and organization wide.
  • The Drama Triangle. Victim, Villain, and Hero are the triangle of roles that create and perpetuate drama in the workplace and limit organizational growth and creativity.
  • Willingness to Shift. There is a big difference between wanting to shift and being willing to shift. Are you actually willing to shift the issues you say you want to change?
  • ‍And much more!

What Do I Think About the 15 Commitments?
They have changed my life and I have witnessed profound transformation of the leaders I coach and the organizations they lead.

I am a former prosecutor and CEO. I left my work as a trial lawyer to grow my family business, Craven Closeouts, for over 20 years. As I began to work with these concepts, I addressed areas of my life that no longer felt exciting. Everything began to shift – my eyes opened to the realization that conscious, trust-based leadership could reshape a workplace culture and lead its members to greater productivity and personal/professional fulfillment. I am now a certified consultant for the Conscious Leadership Group. I am unbelievably excited to bring the lessons of The 15 Commitments to you. I hope they will change your
life the way they changed mine!

The "A Taste of Conscious Leadership" workshop will be held on February 11, 2019, from 1:00pm to 5:30pm CDT, at the Centro Offices located at 11 E Madison Street, 6th Floor, Chicago, IL. Spaces are limited and fill quickly.

The fee is $200 for groups and $250 for individuals.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Jack Craven
Jack Craven is an executive coach to business leaders, and the teams and companies they lead.

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