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The Enneagram is an effective tool for building high-performing teams by helping individuals understand the core beliefs and motivations that influence their behaviors.  CNN Business quotes a 2011 study by Enneagram in Business covering 72 companies, including Best Buy, Daimler-Mitsubishi, Toyota and Avon, found that using the enneagram led to better communication and collaboration, rising sales and an increase in employee engagement.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a unique personality typing system, charted in a nine-point diagram (ennea =9 in Greek, gram = diagram). Each number in the diagram represents a pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviors in which we each see and operate in the world.

These ideas are thousands of years old and more recently have been integrated with modern psychology and neuroscience. The diagram illuminates personal motivations and automatic  (unconscious) responses and strategies that we have developed throughout our lives to help us cope and navigate in the world. Once we know our Enneagram type, we can use this insight about our motivations and our patterns for awareness and growth.

The Enneagram has been used in companies such as Walt Disney Company, Kaiser Permanente Research Center, The Federal Reserve, Motorola and Shell, to redefine their organizational cultures.

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All In Enneagram has helped RMB Capital's leaders gain insights for themselves as well as those they lead. The Enneagram has helped us improve communication and working relationships, while increasing our understanding of others' point of views. We have experienced less conflict and more direct, productive conversations.

Jennifer Rydwelski, Partner and Chief Human Resources Officer, RMB Capital

Judy’s grasp of the Enneagram is second to none. Though we had been using the Enneagram for a long time across our workforce, Judy was able to bring practical clarity for people around their own types, as well as how to better work with and understand others.

Anjani Bhargava, Chief Talent Officer, Abundant Venture Partners

Enneagram at Work

Problem: At work, teams waste time and money as a result of miscommunication, issues with conflict resolution, interpersonal drama, and difficulty giving and receiving feedback.

We all see the world through different lenses, based on our own experiences and perceptions. Over time we develop unconscious automatic reactions in different situations.Those reactions can either help us or become blind spots that hold us back.

When we are unaware of these unconscious feelings, beliefs and habits:

Solution: The Enneagram provides insight that helps us respond thoughtfully and move toward growth, both individually and as teams.

By understanding our own motivations and those of our colleagues, we gain Emotional Intelligence, a better understanding of “why” people do what they do and how to work more effectively together. High-performing teams are comprised of individuals with high levels of Emotional Intelligence.

Results: Self-awareness of our own motivations as well as understanding those of our teammates, makes us better leaders, better employees and creates better teams. It results in more time spent on work, not problems. Employees also better understand their strengths and weaknesses and improve their individual competencies.

Services Offered

  • Full or half-day workshops can include the following:
  • Typing interviews of leaders and their teams
  • Panel discussions for each types to discuss strengths, weakness and communication style
  • Overview of the Enneagram; each type’s leadership style, strengths and weaknesses
    • Understand your own style and your impact on the team
    • Manage your reactivity during conflict
    • Become more skillful at giving and responding to feedback
    • Improve team dynamics and communication
    • Make better decisions
  • Customized programs for your organization's unique needs

Our Enneagram Team

Jack Craven

Jack is a sought-after executive coach, with the unique background of having been both a successful trial attorney and CEO. Jack is professionally trained and certified in Enneagram typing and consultation, which he uses as a tool for both C-suite leaders and their teams, to facilitate professional growth and transformational change

Judy Craven

Judy is a former attorney, a meditation and mindfulness instructor, and a certified Enneagram teacher and coach. Judy brings the Enneagram to life, helping leaders and teams determine their types, and how to use them to improve communication and conflict resolution skills, and achieve more as individuals and as teams.  

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"When I learned my Enneagram type, I read things about myself that I knew were true and didn’t want to own. Knowing my type has changed me in so many positive ways."
- Brene Brown