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Jack has a gift for uncovering truth and unpacking it in a respectful and honest way that has had a transformational impact in my life. I couldn't recommend his services enough.
Andrew Swinand
CEO of Publicis Groupe Creative and Production U.S. and CEO of The Leo Burnett Group
Jack's intellectual curiosity has taught me that there are always learning opportunities, regardless of how extreme the circumstances may be. His willingness to explore the messiness in his life has inspired me to do the same with mine.
Mike Elrad
Co-Founder & Senior Managing Partner, Gem Realty Company
I experience Jack as a leader who uses his heart and intuition to guide his decisions. For me, Jack often provides a very gentle push towards what is uncomfortable for me to face. Jack’s business experience also speaks to me - I feel like he gets me as a business leader and as a person committed to conscious living.
Brenda Jacobsen
President, Mindful
Jack leads several of our teams in monthly forums. He is our go to facilitator and has a great command of the room. Our teams trust Jack and feel supported. His meticulous and authentic style supports our teams to get out of their comfort zones and embody conscious leadership in the workplace. Simply put - Jack lives these principles. His commitment makes us all better.
Eric Langshur
Chairman, Mindful; Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Abundant Venture Partners; Co-Founder, Life XT
As a result of my time spent with Jack, I now feel far more self-aware and effective in all of my daily interactions, whether with peers, subordinates, family or friends. I find myself frequently calling upon his wealth of life experiences and insights he openly shares. He strikes a wonderful balance of being supporting while creating genuine accountability. What a huge impact he has made in my life.
Joey Lansing
Partner; Global Head of Portfolio Management & Strategy, Harrison Street Real Estate Capital, LLC
Jack is an amazing retreat facilitator/coach. I personally admire that Jack never goes around something challenging or difficult. Instead he calmly faces and gracefully goes right over the top and does a great job of taking you right over the top with him!. 
Joe Gaffigan
Sponsor Finance President, Old Second Bank
Jack's style is the perfect balance between calmness and energy. His experience as a successful executive was invaluable in both framing problems and creating solutions. He has literally changed how I view the world and made me a happier and more successful executive. 
Lyle Berkowitz, MD, FACP, FHIMSS
Chief Executive Officer, Back9 Healthcare Consulting
Jack led us on an amazing YPO retreat! He was committed, focused and caring. He created a safe space where all of us could comfortably dig deeper into issues that hold us back from being the best version of ourselves.
Jennni Suvari
Owner, Coleyear Development Corporation
Jack has earned the complete trust of the MergeLane portfolio company. He has been an incredibly meaningful advisor and confidant. His client CEO said, "Jack's made a big impact in my life, our business and I feel incredibly fortunate to have Jack as a CEO Coach.
Sue Heilbrenner
Co-Founder and CEO, of MergeLane

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